General sales and delivery conditions

General provisions
The buyer recognizes and accepts our sale and payment conditions when placing an order. These conditions form an essential part of the delivery contract. Any and all other agreements are valid only if agreed upon and legally confirmed in writing.

Our offers are made without obligation until receipt of written confirmation of an order. Offers made on the basis of inexact documentation and incomplete order forms are not binding.

Quality guarantee/Right of return:
We guarantee to supply products of the best quality and will replace any deemed to be defective. This is subject to slight deviations in terms of colour, material strength and production. If greater differences or hidden deficiencies are detected we will agree with you whether to provide replacements or offer a corresponding credit note.

Prices are not binding, and the valid prices are those set on the day of confirmation of orders. Our prices are net prices, with sales tax, packing, insurance etc. not included. Should there be any increases in material and / or wage costs before the agreed upon delivery date, we reserve the right to adjust the sales prices for the existing order.

Delivery time starts on the day on which we are in possession of the written agreement of the order between us and the buyer. Meeting delivery schedules depends on the punctual receipt of all documents to be furnished by the buyer as well as observance of the agreed upon terms of payment and other obligations. Extenuating circumstances, especially Acts of God, labour unrest, lack of energy or raw materials, and all other circumstances beyond our or our furnishers control release us from any obligation to fill orders, without any recourse whatsoever for the buyer.

Shipment will be made from our establishment at the risk of the addresse or the buyer. The packaging will not be taken back. When the merchandise is ready for shipment and is delayed by the transporter or by late receipt on the part of the buyer, delivery is considered completed on the day of billing, and all responsability and risk is assumed by the buyer.

Copyrights or rights of reproduction
In cases of special orders, the buyer assumes complete responsibility regarding copyrights, rights of reproduction, and rights of e xecution. We are discharged of any and all such responsibilities.

Reservations regarding quantity and material
Quantities within the limits of more than 10 percent or less than 10 percent of the amount specified in the order are considered as acceptable by industry standards. Billing will reflect the actual amount delivered. We reserve the right to deviate from the colour, weight, and manner of e xecution of the material.

Complaints regarding incomplete or incorrect deliveries or apparent defects must be addressed in writing not later than 10 days after receipt of the merchandise.

Our net charges are due within 15 days of the date on the bill, as long as no other arrangement for payment has been agreed upon. Deductions made without authorization will be carried over for recharging. It is explicitly agreed that the delivered goods remian propery of the seller until goods are fully paid. Delivery is made under prolonged property rights. The buyer accepts this agreement and entitles the seller to take any steps necessary to maintain his rights concerning this agreement.

Locality and place of court competency for claims
The locality and place of court competence for any claims and obligations arising from any business dealings with us is the city of Berne Switzerland.