Highest Quality!

We promise you this:

An almost unmanageable number of online offers make it very difficult to recognise differences. Quality cannot be assessed on the computer screen and poorly implemented branding is counter-productive. Promised delivery deadlines often turn out to be an illusion. Not with us - we keep to our promise!

We take product quality seriously and undertake on-site checks during the production stage to make sure that the specifications in terms of material, branding and environmental standards have been complied with. We visit our producers regularly and check our specifications on site:  high quality, reliable capacity, punctual delivery and social skills. Our partners and their suppliers provide a written guarantee that the social and ethical code of conduct is complied with. This is checked regularly without prior notice being given. We undertake an additional examination of the goods in Switzerland according to the SGS standard. This avoids unpleasant surprises and allows us to keep to our promises.

Trust is the basis for a long-term partnership. Thus we keep to our word and provide you with a quality guarantee with the right of return (replacement or lower price). Your satisfaction is our goal!

  • Regular inspection of the manufacturers on site
  • Signed code of ethics and social responsibility of each manufacturer and its suppliers
  • Additional control in Switzerland according to SGS standard
  • Personal quality guarantee with right of return (replacement delivery or reduced price)
We ensure that our assortment consists mainly of tested articles

With these measures we ensure high product quality, punctual delivery, reliable capacity and social competence with ethical justifiability. Trust is the basis of a long-standing and cooperative customer relationship. Your satisfaction is our highest goal!

Professional advice

From product development to hand over:

We can certainly find the ideal promotional product, whether for fast delivery from the warehouse or manufactured according to your specifications. We offer you a complete service. Our advisers are professionals with over 30 years' experience. Together, we will find the ideal promotional article corresponding to your needs: appropriate to the target group, emotional and effective. If you get the value, branding and packaging right, your marketing activity is bound to succeed - this we guarantee.

The key condition for a perfect promotional product is an analysis of your needs: we make a note of your CI guidelines and your goals and wishes and provide you with a list of the most effective advertising and promotional articles. Whether on your premises or in our showroom where you can handle and assess many items, we are happy to advise you. Just give us a call: Tel. 0848 848 077

The thinking behind promotional products

Promotional products are the third dimension in advertising; no other advertising medium combines so many unbeatable advantages: The promotional article is a reminder and is effective; it communicates your visual identity, is personal, useful and, without wastage, can be used to get the right message across at the right time and in the right place - what more do you want?

Practical examples

Our check list to download: with practical tips on how to plan the use of promotional articles, professionally and from a conceptual aspect: