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Individual promotional items promote your brand awareness

In order for promotional items from Switzerland to really unfold their positive effect, it is necessary to consider some factors with which we at Polydono are very familiar. Are you curious? Find out here which promotional items are especially popular and why. We carry every promotional item and all known brands or we develop your product. If you have any questions or don't find what you are looking for, just call us at 031 388 07 77 or visit the idea bank with over 1'000 suggestions.

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Functionality is at the top

Nothing about a promotional item is more important than its functionality - any item that is of no use to the recipient will not remain in his possession for long or disappear into any drawer. Ask yourself, with which articles your customers as well as potentially interested people can do something with on a daily basis:

The classics in this category include small products such as pens and other writing instruments, many office articles and increasingly also accessories for computers and other media life, such as USB sticks or power banks. Thanks to their small size, handy promotional items are also particularly suitable as giveaways that can be distributed in large numbers.

The promotional item with the special something

Place your bet on very special promotional items: An advertising gift that stands out from the crowd attracts the attention of the recipients and remains in their memory for a long time.

It can be a design product, which is besides its functionality especially outstandingly designed like the bottle cooler in form of a vest. But also such items that are produced in an ecologically sustainable manner, for example, are meeting with increased enthusiasm among users, such as our ecological office accessories.

Individually printed clothing for employees, customers and clubs

Advertising textiles also enjoy great popularity. Their use extends both inside and outside the company. Printed textiles can be used as work clothes, thanks to which customers and suppliers can immediately recognise your employees as such, as well as an obvious promotional item. A welcome side effect is that employee clothing always promotes team building. With a creative and appealing design, the embroidered or printed textiles are also often worn during leisure time. The design is, beside the selection of suitable and extraordinary promotional items, our speciality: We will gladly print your company logo on the dresses according to your wishes or work out a concept for bigger promotional items with you.