Social and Ethical Code of Conduct

Together we are stronger!

The requirements of our social and ethical code of conduct are based on valid and mandatory measures in consultation with all IGC members and in accordance with the international ILO norms.

Process flow:

1. Publication of the new manufacturer in the intranet

2. Exchange of information in more than 50 countries

3. If feedback is positive, provision of the social and ethical code of conduct for comments and signature, as well as the request to examine his suppliers, invoke action to be taken and have the code of conduct signed

4. Examination of the submitted documentation

5. On site control undertaken by the IGC member or specialised agent

6. Publication in the intranet, acceptance or rejection (black list)

7. Cooperation agreed, with special product certificates (EN71, etc.), if requested

8. Annual, unannounced on site control followed by a report in the intranet and production controls if an order is placed based on SGS norms, on site or in Bern.

If any IGC members have grounds for suspecting that a vendor is infringing international guidelines he will be placed on the black list on the IGC intranet and will no longer be considered.