Social Commitment

ILO in more than 183 member states

The international labour organisation (ILO) is a special organisation belonging to the United Nations. It was founded in 1919 and is headquartered in Geneva. The ILO has a tripartite structure that is unique to the UN system. The 183 member states are represented in the ILO bodies by representatives from governments as well as workers and employers.

The focus of the ILO's work is on formulating and implementing international employment and social norms, with the emphasis on core working standards, the social and fair shaping of globalisation and the creation of decent work as a key condition for combating poverty.

As a matter of principle, Polydono AG has undertaken to adhere to the following ethical ILO principles:

  • Only work together with companies that prohibit child labour.
  • Only work together with companies that respect the environment and comply with the regulations concerning the health of their workers.
  • All members sign the ILO conventions regarding Child Labour (138), Forced Labour (29 and 105), Non-discrimination of Employees (100 and 111), Freedom of Association and Collective Actions (87 and 98), Protection of Workers Representatives (135 and 143), Minimum Wage Fixing (26 and 137), Working Hours (1) Occupational Safety and Health (155), and expect that their suppliers organise their factories and offices in accordance with these conventions, which must be complied with.

Further information about the ILO: