Corporate Social Responsibility

We take our responsibilities seriously.

Polydono Ltd. takes its ecological and social responsibilities seriously and ensures that the valid international standards in terms of human rights, labour regulations, corruption and environmental protection are complied with.

Manufacturers, who work on our behalf, give a written undertaking that they comply with the social and ethical code of conduct. However, that alone is not enough; a manufacturer must also ensure that his suppliers do the same.

As the entire process is not simply done and dusted by a single "admission", but must be complied with in the long-term, we have specified, together with the "iGC international Branded Products with Global Reach" world association with partners in more than 50 countries, an intranet-based process that is constantly monitored. This enables us to make sure that the norms are regularly complied with and over the long-term.

You can find our social and ethical code and the process workflow under Code of Conduct.

Even internally, wherever possible, we expect ecological behaviour on the part of our employees, i.e. all members of staff are to ensure that the heating and electronic equipment is only switched on when really needed and that room lighting is switched off when natural light is sufficient. The use of chlorine-free paper and the printing of used paper on both sides for internal purposes are taken for granted. We are striving, as far as possible, for paperless working

Even with logistics we are working together with Cargo Domizil to achieve Co2-neutrality (currently over 60%) and undamaged cardboard boxes for shipping are reused wherever possible. We aim to produce a minimum of waste and separate what there is for recycling to the best of our ability. Wherever possible we try to manufacture in Switzerland or Europe and show our customers our range of environmentally-friendly products. We also ask you, when making purchases, to think about the environment. If orders for products from the Far East are placed early enough, the goods can be shipped by sea. This is not only environmentally-friendly, it is also cheaper. We are happy to advise you in the choice of ecological products and suitable materials. After all, there is an environmentally-friendly solution for almost every article.

We are aware that there is only this one world.

We will be happy to answer any further queries you may have.

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